“Truly awe-inspiring”

- P.P., screenplayreaders.com*

until the wormhole reaches Earth

Set circa 2051, Enceladus revolves around renegade British astronaut husband & wife team Jaxx & Kataura Christensen who - returning from a mission searching for life on Saturn’s icy moon of Enceladus - see an apparent 'flying saucer' and ethereal blue vortex haunting the dark side of Earth's own moon.  After struggling to save their stricken space glider, they return to find Earth in confusion as mysterious blue dust devil storms wreak environmental havoc.

Battling to convince the feds or public that the UFO and vortex exist, they are approached by a group of Ufologists wielding a fascinating [purportedly real] theory - that the UFO is a nuclear blast door America unwittingly launched into orbit during the 1957 ‘Pascal-B’ atomic test (thus actually winning the space race against Russia), and the radiation from the orbiting door formed a wormhole... to another dimension.  When the vortex rips civilization into orbit, causing Earth to resemble Saturn itself, will Jaxx stay and perish with the now pregnant Kataura, or man a solo suicide mission through the wormhole that could save civilization, yet bring his wife to the brink of suicide?  And will he discover a mysterious connection between the wormhole and their mission to Enceladus that finally brings him closer to discovering life elsewhere in the galaxy?...

‘When a botched atomic test forms a mysterious earthbound wormhole, the only astronauts to see it on their return from the icy moon of Enceladus, must struggle to save their family & the vanishing world that doubted them...’

- Inspired by a true 1957 conspiracy theory